Free Printable: Christmas List

I love making lists, and during Christmastime, I love keeping my life organized.

 During the holidays, I can get really overwhelmed with all of the gifts that I plan on making and purchasing for all of my loved ones. I needed a checklist of some sort to keep everything organized and simple.
 So, today I've come up with this Top Secret Holiday Gift List that allows you to keep each of your loved ones on their own separate and organized list.

 Simply put their name or "codename" (in case you have snoopers in the house) in the name box and list each gift you plan to give them.

 Now you can track whether you have purchased the gift, wrapped the gift, plan on mailing the gift...etc.

To Print:
1. Click on the image to make it larger
2. Right click the image and SAVE IMAGE AS to your documents

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